Our Story

"Rock Of Ages really sounds like Def Leppard! They are amazing!"

– Greg A.


"Wow! What an awesome show!"

–  Larry T.


"This band rocks!"

– Keith G.

"These guys are loud and proud! I can't believe how much they sound like the real McCoy!"
– Kathy V.

"If you love Def Leppard, you HAVE TO see these guys!"
– Sara M.

Ever since I first heard my first Def Leppard song, I was hooked. 

Every album, every show, every song drew me in more. The energy that Def Leppard put across is unequaled in the rock genre. 

As the years went on, I tried many times to put together a tribute to this legendary band, but always fell short. Then in November of 2014, I started ROCK OF AGES.

Right away, I asked my longtime friend, Russ Bresloff to join. I knew that his background in Jazz Fusion would bring a certain spark to the project. As most Fusion players would be expected to do, he didn't think the music would be gratifying for him. But we met in person and I played some of their music that I know he couldn't possibly have heard. The "B" sides and the deep cuts from Def Leppard's ten studio albums and as the songs played and we talked, I could see the excitement rise.