Chris Failla came in answering a craigslist ad and immediately locked in with Russ. It's usually not an easy thing to find two rock guitarists that get along right off the bat, but in this case, it was a no-brainer. Chris and Russ quickly developed a mutual respect for each others styles and just like Steve Clark and Phil Collen, they just blended together like a well mixed cocktail. 

Before the beers were done, Russ was on board.
Through a friend, I found Robbie Hubertz and it was an instant sell. Robbie always loved Joe Elliot's vocals and always wanted to front a band that could actually pull off playing all those legendary songs we have all heard on the radio for years.

We added Don Huerter next on Keyboards and backing vocals. Not long after adding Don, our drummer left the band to pursue other directions. 

We needed a drummer in a pinch for our second show and Don suggested that he take to the drums for that show. We were a bit taken aback and asked "who was going to play the keyboards", to which he replied "me".

Interestingly enough, Drums was Don's first instrument and the show went off perfectly and the lineup was secure with five members:

Michael Ledesma      Vocals
Chris Failla               Guitars / Vocals
Russ Bresloff           Guitars / Vocals
​Don Huerter            Drums / Keyboards / Vocals
Rik Nevone              Bass / Vocals

updated 2/2018 by Rik Nevone

I know... You're saying hey, Rik there's SIX band
members mentioned above. That brings us to the latest
member of the band, Michael Ledesma.

​It was midway through 2016 we had a gig booked and Robbie couldn't do it. He got called away. (Hey... these things happen.)
​While considering hari kari, I got a call from a friend who knew the singer of Adrenalize (another Def Leppard Tribute) and after a few phone calls, Michael agreed to do the show.

It was instant chemistry. Michael fit right in and he officially took over vocal duties early in 2018.