Michael Ledesma uses Shure and Sennheiser microphones, Martin and Taylor guitars.

Russell Bresloff uses Gibson, Paul Reed Smith and Fender guitars, Fractal Audio Axe FX pre-amp, Mesa Boogie speaker cabinets, ART X-15 MIDI controller, Monster Cables and Dunlop heavy picks.

Damiano Christian uses Bolt, Charvel and Warmoth Guitars, Marshall JMP 1959 Amps, Marshall 1960 and 1936 Cabs, Ernie Ball Super Slinky Strings, MXR, Ibanez and Ernie Ball Pedals, Planet WavesMedium Picks and Shure Digital Wireless. ​

Don Huerter uses Korg keyboards, Roland amps, Monster cables, TC Helicon vocal processor, Roland V-drums. Don's drums of preference are his Tama kit, as well as Cobra pedals, and Gibraltar and Tama hardware, Zildijan cymbals and REALLY big Vic Firth sticks!

Rik Nevone uses Fender, Dean, Ibanez and Hammer basses, His main bass is his "redhead" Schecter Stiletto 5-string. Ampeg and Gallien Krueger amps, Ampeg & SWR speakers and BOSS effects. For vocal effects, Rik uses a Harman Live5 vocal processor. He also uses Line6 wireless for bass, a Shure PSM300 wireless audio monitor and a Sennheiser XSW52 wireless microphone.